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A hand-painted Christmas cards

This year's Christmas did not usher in an encounter with snow, it is very regrettable. Time hasty unacceptable.

The present, today's evening, you can accompany his wife and son have a happy Christmas, can life helpless, only to give up, I can only send our best wishes, the hearts of infinite guilt.

When night comes, the hearts of infinite is homesickness. A muffled man sitting in the office, let your thoughts fly.

This time, the door opened, revealing a lovely smile, a childish voice reminds blessings Zhao Merry Christmas, which is several of our hand painted cards, I picked up, a little younger than A4 paper, drew the trees, and snowmen, red, green, and patches of snow, following crooked says Zhao wish good health, here is the signature.

Piece of mind calm heart lake ripples rippling circle, exceptionally moving. Has been teaching for eight years, has been to teach students under the lot, the card received is not the first time. But this time it is the most moving, though a small piece of paper, not worth some money. But that is hard to draw the children, really love, not money can buy. Materialistic society, money comes first, why are all you can get money to buy, with the exception of this truth, so moving, not money can buy.